Soramame Stamp Ink - Modern

Soramame Stamp Ink - Modern

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This listing is for a Soramame stamp ink set supervised by Japanese famous eraser-stamp artist Tomoko Tsukui. The stamps come in a storage case in soramame or broad bean shape that can be connected to other soramame cases using the enclosed sticker sheet (see 4th picture) to organize your soramame stamps collection.

Each set comes with soramame shape color sample stickers to stick to the side of the stamp (green part) (see 2nd picture). As 5th picture shows, you can set the ink to your finger when used. The ink colors are Japanese traditional colors often used for kimonos, Japanese traditional clothes.

Colors (from left to right in 2nd picture):
- KARAKURENAI (dark crimson red dyed with safflower)
- SHINMBASHI (bright blue-green)
- KANARIYA (canary yellow)
- SUMIIRO (gray-black)

* Ink: Versa Craft (pigment ink)
* Acid free
* Made in Japan
* More Stamp Ink HERE

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