Welcome to Cute Things from Japan!  My name is Ayako.  I am a Japanese with 2-year-old daughter Hikari.  I started my little etsy shop in 2014 in hope of helping my penpals living overseas who were looking for some cute craft and planner supplies from Japan.

In 2015, my sister Junko joined Cute Things from Japan.  Her baby boy Keito was born with hydrocephalus that requires weekly visits to the hospital and daily home rehabilitation, so she had to leave her career as a wedding planner and was looking for a new career that allows her to work more flexible.  So we decided to work together at my house while taking care of her boy together with my daughter.

We are very thankful that we can work from home and my nephew can get good home rehabilitation.  And we know that this cannot happen without your kind support for us.  Thank you very much!  We try our best to offer a place where you can find nice and cute things from Japan.  If there is anything we can help you with your stationery and craft supply needs, please feel free to contact us.

In our shop, we carry only items that we bought for ourselves or would buy ourselves.  For new products, we visit stationery fair by stationery makers for introducing new products for shops to actually see and try the products by ourselves, so please feel confident with the quality of the items in our shop.

Again thank you very much for your kind support to our little shop.  We hope you will find something that you like in our shop!

Best wishes,
Ayako, Junko, Hikari and Keito