Kawaii Goodies!

Kawaii means cute or adorable in Japanese language, and here is a collection of kawaii goodies from Disney, San-X (Rilakkuma, Sumikkogurashi), Snoopy, Sanrio, Moomin and other kawaii goodies from Japan!

Rilakkuma Glue Tape

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT


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Disney Limited Edition Uni Jet Stream


Micky & Minnie (black ink)
Mickey & Minnie KISS (black ink)
Winnie the Pooh (black ink)
Body Color: Blue (black ink)
Body Color: Pink (black ink)
Body Color: Lavender (black ink)
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Uni Style Fit Refill Ink - Disney 0.38mm (7colors)


Disney Black (0.38mm)
Disney Red (0.38mm)
Disney Blue (0.38mm)
Disney Orange (0.38mm)
Disney Lime Green (0.38mm)
Sky Blue (0.38mm)
Baby Pink (0.38mm)
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