Beautiful Story behind Lin Chia Ning - Part 1

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Sometime you come across with an artist and become totally fascinated with their art.  That is what happened to us few years ago when we discovered Lin Chia Ning, an illustrator from Taiwan.  She describes herself as a rubber stamp artist, but she is a lot more than that.  Lin Chia Ning is known for her beautiful whimsical art, and it is easy to fall in love with her art.  You feel the energy of nature on her designs, and her designs are so inspiring and different.

This year, big thanks to a Japanese stationery maker Papier Platz, we got an amazing opportunity to participate in a special collaboration project of Papier Platz and Lin Chia Ning for one of the biggest stationery events in Japan called 文具女子博 (Bungujyoshi Haku) in December 2019.  This event literally means "Stationery Girls Gathering" where about 130 stationery makers and artists get together at one place and over 30,000 people visit.  This year the event is happening from December 12th (Thursday) till 15th (Sunday), and at the event many companies release special products for the event.  Papier Platz wanted to produce something special for this special event.

We started this project early 2019, and the highlight was the meeting with Lin Chia Ning in Taiwan this summer.  We visited her in Taiwan to finalize the designs and colors of washi tapes that she designed for Papier Platz.  It was such an honor to meet her in person and learn about her.  We did an interview to her to learn more about her love and passion for her art, but before we share the interview with you, please let us share the beautiful washi tapes first.  The designs have been kept secret until Bungujyoshi Haku, and today we can finally share them with you!!

Lin Chia Ning did beautiful collage using these washi tapes.

The official release day of these washi tapes in Japan is early January, but Papier Platz is releasing them for us before the official release day!  They are now available in our shop together with Lin Chia Ning's newest original products such as rubber stamps, stickers and paper goods.  Please note that the first batch of the pre-order for Lin Chia Ning's original products are limited in quantity.  If we become out of stock for the first batch of pre-order, we will take a second pre-order for the second batch that is arriving in January.

Please check all Lin Chia Ning Pre-order products HERE.

To celebrate their collaboration, all pre-order of at least one of these collaboration washi tapes or Lin Chia Ning's original products will receive a set of 3 picture postcards of beautiful Lin Chia Ning's collage work.

It has been such an amazing experience for us to see the process of creating a new product and how much time and effort they put in order to bring this little washi tape to our hands.  We are very happy and excited that we can finally share them with you!  We are sure you will love these beautiful washi tapes.

Next, we will share our exciting interview to Lin Chia Ning in Taiwan with more pictures!  Stay tuned!

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  • Barbara Szijarto

    I am a Canadian and find Lin Chai Ning to be an amazing artist. Her washi is superior.

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