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SARASA CLIP Pen - Regular Colors

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Twenty Zebra basic SARASA CLIP pens!  SARASA CLIP gel ink ball-point pen with ZEBRA's high quality water-based pigment gel ink writes very smooth in crisp lines.  The ink is water-resistant and has lightfastness.  The pen has a functional clip and a rubber grip for comfortable writing.  This pen has great quality for this affordable price!

Basic colors are available in 20 colors: Black, Blue, Red, Blue Black, Cobalt Blue, Pale Blue, Light Blue, Blue Green, Viridian, Green, Light Green, Red Orange, Orange, Yellow, Light Pink, Pink, Magenta, Purple, Brown and Gray

* INK: water-based pigment gel ink
* PEN WIDTH: 0.5mm
* 5 different color
* Approx. Restock Time: 1 to 2 weeks

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