Washi Tape - Lucky Frogs

Washi Tape - Lucky Frogs

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This is a washi tape from OTTAIPNU, a textile brand by Masaru Suzuki, in collaboration with mt.  The gold part is hot-stamped which shine in reflection of light.  Many of his designs are colorful and energetic.  He says, "Colors and designs are like vitamins to our heart that brighten up your day", and you can find his colorful designs in textiles, bags, furniture and lots more!

In Japan, frog is considered as auspicious because of its name.  Frog in Japanese means "kaeru" which sounds the same as a Japanese word return.  People put a frog charm in their wallet to wish for money to return, put a frog statue by the door to wish for a safe return home etc.

* Size: 1.5cm x 3m (0.6 inch x 3.2 yards)
* Made in Japan
* acid/lignin free
* More mt HERE

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