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WASHI TAPE File - Blue


This is great for organizing your washi tape samplers!  The folder comes with 28 pages to put washi tape samplers, and each sheet is dot lined so that you can cut each tape for the same length if you wish.  Also it comes with 2 small "to-go sampler cards" so that you can wrap some washi tapes around the card to carry around with your planner if you do not have enough space in your bag to carry the whole folder or if you want longer length of the sampler.  There are other colors available HERE.

* 24 pockets & 2 mini "to-go card"
* Size: 21.7cm x 10.5cm (8 1/2'' x 4 1/8'' )
* Approx. Restock Time: one week

**More Storage files are available HERE