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Washi Club Match Box Stickers - Nan Ten


We are so excited to introduce beautiful products from 和詩倶楽部 (Washi Club)!!  This is a beautiful southern sky flake stickers in a cute little match box great for your craft project and embellishment!  The pack comes with 20 stickers in 2 beautiful designs (10 stickers per design).  Southern sky in Japanese is 南天 (Nan Ten) which sounds the same as 難 (Nan / difficulty) and 転 (Ten / turn around).  Because of this name, southern sky is a symbol of turn around the difficulty for good and used as a talisman.  It is a popular plants for a garden to protect the house and family.  It is a popular motif for a gift for a new born (and for a mother of course! :) ).

These stickers are from Washi Club's 
遊便切手 (Yubin Kitte) series stickers.  This is read "Yubin Kitte", the same sound of 郵便切手 which means postage stamps, but they play on Chinese letters that 遊便切手 literally meaning "play letter postage stamp" and 郵便切手 literary meaning "mail service postage stamp."  In fact, each sticker has wavy die-cut edge same as a postage stamp, and the shape is in rectangle just like most postage stamps in Japan.

The motto of Washi Club established in 1970 in the historical city of Kyoto is 温故知新 (onko chishin) which means an attempt to discover new things by studying the past scrutiny of the old.  Using washi paper, Japanese traditional paper with 1400 years of history, they produce beautiful products for you to enjoy 温故知新.

* Matchbox Size: W4.5 x H5.6 x D1.2cm (1.77"x2.2"x0.47")
* Sticker Size: W3.1 x H4.3cm (1.18"x1.69")
* Quantity: total 20 stickers (2 designs, 10 stickers per design)
* Brand: Washi Club
* Made in Japan

**Classiky Items**