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Uni Style Fit Refill Ink - Jet Stream (3 colors)

by Uni

This is a Uni Style Fit pen refill inks of Jet Stream ink.  Often oil based ink does not write as smooth as gel ink such as SARASA Clip of ZEBRA, but Uni's Jet Stream oil based ink writes very smooth.  Colors are available in 3 colors.

You might wonder what the difference between Jet Stream ink (oil based ink) and Signo (gel ink).  Well, since both write smooth, there is no super big difference between them, but we could say that the advantage of oil based ink is that the ink is not used up as fast as gel ink does, and it is a little more reasonable.  Also oil based ink writes more crisp.  The advantage of gel ink is that it can have wide variety of colors compared to oil based ink, and it write smooth.  Personally, we like using Jet Stream in color of black, and for other colors we like using gel ink.  In fact, in our Style Fit, we have Jet Stream as a black ink and gel ink colors for blue and orange (we use 3 refill holder).

Style Fit offers you to choose your favorite body and mix and choose your favorite colors to create your own multi-pen combination.  The ink for Style Fit is the same ink of Uni Signo ink.

Please note that these are refill ink, so you need a pen body to use them.  

* Pen Width: 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1.0mm
* Colors: Black, Red, Blue

* Approx. Restock Time: 2-3 days

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