Uni Style Fit - Basic Dot

Uni Style Fit - Basic Dot

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This is a Uni Style Fit pen bodies in polkadot design.  Style Fit offers you to choose your favorite body and mix and choose your favorite colors to create your own multi-pen combination.  You can choose refills from Uni Signo ink refills (16 colors), Jet Stream ball point pen (3 colors) and and a mechanical pencil.

Available in body system that holds 3 refills or 5 refills, and also select a color of the body from black, pink and blue.  When using, please twist the bottom part of the pen to open the body, and push a refill ink to the hold inside until it clicks.  Close the bottom part after inserting all the refill inks.  Please note that these are pen bodies, so you NEED refill inks to use them.

* Holds 3 ink refills (body color in black, pink, blue)
* Holds 5 ink refills (body color in black, pink, blue)
* More Uni Style Fit series HERE

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