Today's Letter Set - Milk

Today's Letter Set - Milk

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This is a cute colorful milk motif letter set from Retro Japan series.  The set comes with 4 writing paper and 2 matching envelopes.  The high quality mino washi paper is used, and you will love the soft feeling of mino washi paper.  Mino washi paper is very soft, so the envelope has two layers of thick mino washi for extra strength so that it has no problem in the postal service.

In Japan, milk used to be delivered to your door in the morning, and they came in a glass milk bottle.  After drinking, you put the bottle in the milk box (it was like a mail box) in front of your door for the milk delivery to pick up later.  Now this everyday delivery is not popular anymore, but you can still have your fresh milk delivered to you.  For school lunch, students have milk everyday in Japan (it has been always milk till today).  In the design, the large bottle is the milk in the milk bottle and the triangle one is the milk you drink for school lunch.

Furukawa Paper produced this letter set series specifically for short letters so that you can write a letter anytime you want; 
when you have some time at cafe, break time at your office etc.

* 4 writing paper
* 2 envelopes
* Paper: 7.9cm x 17cm (3.11" x 6.69")
* Envelope: 9cm x 18cm (3.54" x 7")
* Material: Mino washi paper
* Made in Japan
* More Furukawa Paper Items HERE

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