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Postcard Set - Ribbon

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This is a cute "hagaki sen" or postcard book designed by Subikiawa.  Available in a sampler set (1 of each design, total 5 postcards) or the booklet set that you can easily remove it for postcard use (2 of each designs, total 10 postcards).

Subikiawa is known as Subikiawa Tableware Shop in Kyoto who produces colorful and unique original tableware products.  Their designs are colorful, energetic, unique and original.  If you are looking for something new and different, you will love Subikiawa stationery!

* Size: 10cm 
x 14.8cm (3.93" x 5.82")
* Designed by: Subikiawa
* Brand:
* Made in Japan
* No Restock will be made.