Last Stock Square Mini Envelope Set - Sweet Home

Last Stock Square Mini Envelope Set - Sweet Home

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This is a set of 5 square pochibukuro or mini envelope designed by a Japanese illustrator mizutama.  The set comes with cute 5 stickers, too.

"Pochibukuro" is originally used to put money in when gifting especially to children for the New Year's Day or when tipping for special occasions.  They are also great for small gift or storage for little things.  We always put postage stamps, paper clips, flake stickers etc in our favorite pochibukuro and put them inside our planners.

* Size: 8.4cm x 8.4cm (3.3" x 3.3")
* Material: paper
* Quantity: 5 mini envelopes
* Made in Japan
* Limited Quantity / No Restock
* More mizutama Items HERE

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