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Snoopy Glue Tape


Cute Snoopy glue tape is great for your craft project.  Unlike liquid glues and glue sticks that make paper uneven after drying, glue tape keeps your project neat and clean.  The glue tape has bumps/dots which makes it easier to cut the tape when lifting it away from the paper.

Unlike a glue tape with a cap at the tip, this 
glue tape is designed in a way that the glue part comes in and out by sliding the sliding button, so you don't have to worry about losing a cap. 

**How to Use**
1. Push and slide the sliding button to have the glue tape come out from the casing.
2. Apply glue tape (adhesive side) to paper and pull to be the desired length.
3. Lift it away from the paper.
4. Push and slide the sliding button back to store the tape in the casing.

* Tape Length: 8m (8.74 yards)
* Tape Width: 6mm (0.19 inch)
* Size: W3×H5.8×D1.7cm (1.18"x2.23"x0.66")