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Seitousha Washi Tape - Chickweed


Beautiful washi tape of chickweed motif great for your craft project and embellishment. Chickweed can be found on the roadside throughout the year and is a familiar plants in Japan.  Chickweed is one of the Seven Spring Herbs that people eat after the New Year's celebration to calm down your stomach after eating a lot during the celebration days.

Seitousha is a stationery and zakka brand in Tokyo known for their Japanese style daily use products and stationery.  Seitousha says that today, "和雑貨 (wa zakka)" or Japanese typical daily use items are not so familiar with people especially young people because often wa zakka is considered to be old and out of fashion, but if they add a little bit of something to wa zakka to meet today's people's life style, people will enjoy it.

They said that their products are nothing special and new - just a typical Japanese daily use items, but they add extra cuteness and a bit of change to them so that they will meet your life style.  We hope you will enjoy Japanese daily use items through Seitousha's beautiful products!

* 1.5cm x 7m (0.6 inch x 7.65 yards)
* Made in Japan
* acid/lignin free
* Limited Quantity