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Sanby Vermilion Stamp Ink - Shuniku

by Sanby

In Japan, "Shuniku (朱肉)” vermilion stamp ink pad is originally used for stamping your seal for public documents etc, and the ink is oil-based acid free which is light and fade resistant and good for long preservation.

This Shuniku stamp ink is a traditional style ink pads, and unlike the other shuniku from Shachihata we have in our shop whose surface is sponge, this Sanby's shuniku is "Neri Shuniku (練朱肉)" which literary means "knead" shuniku ink pad.  The ink pad is like bread dough, so when applying ink to your rubber stamp, please put the stamp surface to the ink very gently.

Unlike other oil-based ink pads like Versafine Clair stamp ink pads, the stamped image of this ink is not water proof.  As the 4th picture shows, in order to provide rich color stamping result of stamped image, the pigment particle is appropriately adjusted so that not all ink is absorbed into the paper which creates slight thickness of ink that adds rich stamping result.

* Case Size: 6.6cm in diameter (2.5 inches in diameter)
* 40g
* Colors may look different on screens to screens

* INK: oil-based pigment ink
* Acid Free
* Made in Japan
* Brand: Sanby

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