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Retro Japan Letter Set - Cafe

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This is a cute letter set of 純喫茶 (Jun kissa) or cafe theme from Furukawa Paper's "Retro Japan" series.  High quality Japanese Mino washi paper is used for this letter set.  The set comes with 6 writing paper (3 designs, 2 sheets per design) and 3 matching envelopes (3 different designs).  The writing paper is within the size of 13.8cm x 18.6cm (they are a little bit different in size).

In Japan, there are several styles of cafes, and among them 純喫茶 is a cafe where they do not serve alcohol.  Often jun kissa offers a very cozy atmosphere with good coffee or tea and some delicious sweets which somehow give you a retro feeling maybe because you remember your childhood at Jun kissa.  That green drink you see in the design is called "cream melon soda" which is the dream soda for children.  It is a melon flavor soda with ice cream topping with a cherry.  If you visit Japan, jun kissa will be a fun place to enjoy a little bit of Japanese old days.

* Paper within: 18.6cm x 13.8cm (7.12" x 5.7")
* Envelope: 14.5cm x 10cm (5.7" x 3.9")
* Quantity: 6 paper (2 sheets per design), 3 envelopes (all different design)
* Material: Mino Washi
* Made in Japan
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