Fluorine Coated Portable Scissors

Fluorine Coated Portable Scissors

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There are many portable scissors in pen style where the blades can be placed in a pen-like case, but their handles are normally without loops to assist your fingers like the regular scissors do.  What is unique about this Pencut portable scissors is that the assisting loops are also stored in the handle so you can use it like a regular scissors!

The blades are coated with fluorine to avoid the stickiness after cutting a tape, so it is perfect if you often cut a tape or washi tape like us!  Also as the first picture shows, instead of short blades connected at the connecting part in the middle, the whole scissors is consisted of blades (you see the black blade parts inside the handle) so that the power is transmitted to the blades for easy cutting experience.  This handy scissors is perfect in your pen case to go!

**How to Use**
1. Take the safely cap (top part) out.
2. Slide down the little button on the side of each handle to make the loop out.
3. Put your fingers in the loop just like you do when using a regular scissors.
4. Handle opens to two handles for using.
5. Close the handles, slide the button up to the position, put the safety cap to the blades.  Make sure to push the cap until you hear "click".

* Size: W1.5cm x H14.5cm x D1.5cm (0.6" x 5.7” x 0.6")
* Blade length: 5.5cm (2.16")

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