Postage Stamp Paper Set No.2

Postage Stamp Paper Set No.2

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This is a set of fun paper for you to make your own stamp shaped paper.  There are 5 different shapes, 7 sheets per shape, total 35 sheets.  Each sheet is pre-cut with different shapes, and you can stamp on the sheet with different stamps and then cut each design out of the sheet (see the 3rd picture).

It will be fun to die the paper with coffee or tea to add a bit of vintage feeling to it and then stamp there.  Or you can use Lin Chia Ning's background rubber stamps to make a nice random background pattern and then stamp her dried flower stamp.  Enjoy your creativity!  
She packages the paper beautifully, so this will make a great gift, too.

All orders with at least one Lin Chia Ning product will receive three postcards.

* Designer: Lin Chia Ning
* Quantity: 5 shapes, 7 sheets per shape, 35 sheets in total

* Material: Paper
* Made in Taiwan

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