Pre-cut Planner Washi Tape Set - Date (Label)

Pre-cut Planner Washi Tape Set - Date (Label)

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A set of 3 pre-cut handy planner washi tapes to add decorative dates to your planner or journal notebook.  Unlike regular washi tape, you can write on this tape with regular pens.  The top roll includes 1-16 and the middle roll is 17-31 for marking the days, and the bottom roll is designed to use for labels or titles.  Each design is pre-cut for easily tearing without scissors.

We have been using the washi tapes from this series for our bullet journal, and we love them so much.  The tapes are made to be thinner than regular washi tape so that the tapes do not make your planner bulky.  Due to the manufacturing process reason, the starting number is random (not starting with the first number), but each roll comes with the date stickers enough for 5 months no matter which number comes first.

* Top & Middle: 2.1cm x 2.4cm (0.8" x 0.9")
* Bottom: 2.1cm x 4.8cm (0.8" x 1.8")
* Quantity: date stickers for 5 months
* Stick Size: see 4th photo (different design)
* Made in Japan

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