Postcard - White Camellia

Postcard - White Camellia

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This is a beautiful postcard from Midori's "Japanese winter" series.  In cold gray winter, energetic white camellia gives you power and energy, and it is a popular winter flower.  Beautiful gold and silver parts are printed by silk printing technique to have them shine in reflection of light.  High quality Echizen Washi paper is used.

Please note that camellia design is great for winter greeting and it is popular, but to send it to someone who is recovering from sickness is considered to be a bad luck because camellia beautifully blooms until the very last moment and the flower drops off which is considered to be suggestive of neck dropping off (give out).  Sending this card to someone healthy is a good winter greeting to send power of camellia who blooms strongly and beautifully in the cold winter, but not for someone who is fighting with sickness.  In Japanese culture, camellia is an interesting flower who is considered both auspicious and bad luck!

* Size: 10cm x 14.8cm (3.9" x 5.8")

* Made in Japan

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