Pencils Set, Kodomo no Bayer

Pencils Set, Kodomo no Bayer

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The original design of this pencil set comes from a book "Kodomo no Beyer" or "Children's Beyer" which has been one of the most popular piano instruction book for children in Japan ever since it was first published in 1955. This notebook uses the same design of Kodomo no Beyer's book cover designed by Japanese designer Shigeji Otaka (1908-2002), and this retro feeling the design gives is just lovely.

Same as Kodomo no Beyer which has 2 volumes, this set comes with 2 design pencils, red one (first volume) and yellow one (second volume). At the tip of each pencil has mini eraser attached.

* Size: 18.8cm long (7.4")
* Set of 2 pencils
* Please see all pictures.

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