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Nyan Day Flake Stickers - Cat

A pack of 20 cute cat motif sticker flakes made of Japanese Mino washi paper great for your craft project and embellishment!  This product is produced by a Japanese paper company Furukawa Paper established in 1835 who produces high quality Mini washi paper stationery, and this sticker pack is from their "Nyan Day" series.  "Nyan" is a sound of cat in Japanese, and this series is to enjoy a day with cute cat stickers!  Flake stickers are perfect to share with your friends!

* Contents: 20 stickers
* 5 die-cut designs, 4 stickers per design
* Package Size: 8×7.5cm
* Brand: Furukawa Paper

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We had a chance to meet a person from Furukawa Paper the other day and were lucky to learn a little more about their products.  Their products are made of Mino washi paper.  Mino washi paper is washi paper produced in Mino in Gifu prefecture, and its history goes back to 1300 years ago.  One of the three oldest paper that exist in Japan is the Mino washi paper dated 702.  Furukawa Paper's stationery's theme is "Connect people through washi paper".  Washi paper is known for its good durability and can be preserved for a long period of time which is great as materials for letter set and planner and journal supplies.  As a tool to connect people, they produce more flake stickers than sheet stickers because you can share flake stickers with your friends.