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Nishi Shuku Card - Congratulations


Beautiful congratulations card designed by Japanese illustrator Nishi Shuku great as Christmas greeting card.  The forest design of the front card is gently cut in detail to present forest of Nishi Shuku world, and by placing the front page on the attached below illustration, the art is completed.  The stars are hot-stamped in gold which shines in reflection of light.  The card comes with a matching size white envelope.

* Measurement: 11.5cm×H17.5cm
* Card with envelope
* Illustrator: Nishi Shuku
* Brand: Hyogensha
* Approx. Restock Time: No Restock

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This product is in collaboration with Hyogensha (表現社) established in 1933 which produces wide variety of beautiful and unique products especially products in collaboration with Japanese artists.  If you are looking for original unique items, you will love their products.