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MU Print-on Stickers - Sun Rose

by MU
Beautiful pressure-activated MU print-on stickers are great for decorating your planners and journal notebooks.  Unlike regular stickers, these stickers do not come with a sticky part on the back.  All you need to do is rub the desired design of the sheet on paper, wood (flat surface), glass, cardboard and so on.  The MU stick to rub the design on the surface is also avaialbe in our shop.  The pack comes with 2 sheets of different designs!

**How to Use**
(1) Cut out the desired pattern
(2) Remove the backing paper
(3) Put it on paper or the surface that you wish to apply on
(4) Rub / Press it evenly with a popsicle stick (or flat tool)
(5) Gently remove the transparent layer

What we love the most about MU print-on stickers is that unlike regular stickers, these stickers don't bulk up your planner/notebook. 
If you like decorating your planners with stickers daily, you will like these MU stickers.  They make your planner less thick compared to the one decorated with regular stickers which is thicker.

* Size: 18cm x 10cm (7" x 3.9")
* Quantity: 2 sheets (different designs)

* Print-on Stickers
* Brand: MU
* Made in Taiwan
* Approx. Restock Time: 1 to 2 months