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Kamon MTEX1P144


New mt Spring & Summer Collection 2018 is here!  This is a Japanese Kamon (家紋) or family crest motif washi tape.  In Japan, Kamon was used in the 8th century among court nobles to distinguish his cow-drawn carriage from other's, and later it became to be used as a family crest.  Today, kamon is most seen on kimono, Japanese traditional costume, and number of kamon on kimono shows its status.  For example, casual kimono has one kamon on the back while kimono you wear for a wedding has 5 kamons, one on the back, two on the back of arms and the other two in front.  Often kamon uses a motif of animals and nature.  There are over 20,000 kamons in Japan.

* Measurement:  2cm x 10m (0.78 inch x 11 yards)
* Made in Japan
* acid/lignin free

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In Japan, the wonderful world of washi tapes all started from mt brand by KAMOI KAKOSHI CO., LTD. established in 1923 who is known as a pioneer of craft washi tape manufacturer.  They have a wide variety of washi tapes from simple pastel colors to artist collaboration designs. 
They offer very high quality washi tapes at affordable price.