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Mizuhiki Rubber Stamp - Umemusubi

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This is a mizuhiki motif rubber stamp for your craft project and gift wrapping.  In Japan, the color for celebration is red and white, so for using such occasion, we recommend using red stamping ink for this stamp.

Unlike a popular ribbon style mizuhiki, a knot used for joy, affection and celebration that is welcomed to happen again (the bow can be untied and tied many times which symbolizes "the occasion repeat" like birthday), this umemusubi (梅結び) style or "apricot-tie" style mizuhiki is for an occasion to wish for a strong ties that should not be untied.  Umemusubi style mizuhiki is tied strongly with complicated knot of Japanese apricot shape which is difficult to untie, so this is perfect for wedding and friendship to wish for a long tied relationship and friendship.

* Size: 2.5cm x 2.5cm (0.98" x 0.98")
* Material: Wood, Rubber