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Shiny Sticky Notes - Triangles


Mini triangles shiny sticky memo great esp for the monthly section in your planner. As the sticky part on the back is large, you can use it like a sticker, too. :) Works best with ballpoint pen and pen with oil-based ink.

The second picture shows the front page of my Traveler's Notebook regular insert where I have been documenting about my daughter since birth, and you see that I use this Midori triangle sticky to make a garland.  I used glue tape on the back of each triangle sticky for stronger stickiness, but on normal paper like planner page inside, you don't need to glue them as sticky part of this sticky note is large and they stay ok.

* Design: 10 designs
* 15 sheets per design
* 150 sheets in total

* Made in Japan
* Limited Quantity / No Restock