Planner Slim Index Stickers - Color Patterns

Planner Slim Index Stickers - Color Patterns

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MIDORI's slim index sticker is great to organize your planner and journal.  This index sticker has only thickness of 2.5mm (the tab part that goes out from the notebook) to avoid being bent or damaged by repeatedly touching the tab when opening the page.  The material of PET film gives not too hard but not too soft feeling when touching, and it is stronger than paper index tabs.

The design is printed only within this 2.5mm area and the rest of the stickers is transparent, so you can still see what is written underneath.  There are 4 different designs, 6 stickers per design, total 24 pieces.

* Size: 2cm x 1.9cm (0.78" x 0.78")
* Made in Japan
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