B6 Spiral Ring Notebook - Kangaroo

B6 Spiral Ring Notebook - Kangaroo

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This is a B6 spiral ring notebook named "kangaroo" with 32 paper pouches to keep little things you collected such as tickets, maps, leaflet etc. I use this as "temporary storage" and keep everything I collect in my daily life and write when, what and where I got them until I have time for journaling.

This helps to organize all the papers and little treasures.  It will be fun to make one travel notebook with everything you collected during your holiday with this notebook.  The cover contains resin in order to make it strong for long time use, and the notebooks were bound by hand one by one.

* Size: 13cm x 19.3cm x 1.8cm (5.11" x 7.59" x 0.7")
* 32 pockets (16 pages)
* Made in Japan
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