Rubber Stamp - Postage Stamp

Rubber Stamp - Postage Stamp

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We have been a fan of Megumi Hori known as Horime Tougei since we found her rubber stamps at an event held at Philatelic Museum in Tokyo, and we are very excited to introduce her cute letter writing motif rubber stamps in our shop!  

The stamped image is very detailed and clear.  This stamp is from her letter writing series inspired by a famous Japanese song "Yagisan Yubin (Goat's Letter"). In the song, a white goat sent a letter to a black goat, but a black goat ate the letter before reading, so he wrote a letter to a white goat asking what was written in the letter.  However, the white goat ate the letter, too, so he wrote another letter to the black goat asking what was written in the letter.  This is one of the most popular and loved songs for children.

* Size: 3cm x 3cm (1.18” x 1.18")
* Design: Megumi Hori
* Material: Wood, Rubber
* Made in Japan
* More Rubber Stamps HERE

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