Washi Tape - Kitchen Bunny

Washi Tape - Kitchen Bunny

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We did our first collaboration rubber stamps with a Taiwanese artist Maruco Art last year, and now we are happy to carry her original products in our shop!  This is her original washi tape of kitchen bunny theme.  Each bunny represents different kitchen tools (see 2nd picture).  It is fun to use this as a tape, but it's also fun to cut each design out from the tape and use as a sticker.

The circulation of this washi tape is 33cm which means the different designs continues for 33cm until the designs repeat, so you can enjoy lots of her illustrations!

You can find Maruco's adorable arts in her Instagram HERE.

* Size: 2.5cm x 10m (1 inch x 11 yards)
* Designer: Maruco Art
* Made in Taiwan
* Approx. Restock Time: 3 months

**A Little More about Maruco Art**
We first met her at Design Festa in Tokyo where about 6,000 talented artists introduce their beautiful art and sell their original products.  We fell in love her adorable illustrations and surprised that she came all the way from Taiwan to the event.  We promised to visit her in Taiwan someday, and in the summer of 2019, we finally visited her in Taiwan and had a lovely time together.  It is very important for us to get to know who is behind the product, and after meeting her and learning all her love and passion for her illustrations, we can confidently recommend her beautiful products to you!

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