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Little Stamp People Rubber Stamp - Japanese Wedding


This listing is for Japanese wedding rubber stamp from "kitte no kobito" series. "Kitte no kobito" or "little stamp people" was originally created to add a little cute story to the postage stamp to put a smile on the recipient's face when receiving the letter/postcard/invitation card, but I also use them to decorate my planner (they fit to my planner's monthly section) and journals. Instead of postage stamps, you can use them with stickers.

By following the instruction "How to make little stamp people's home" on the other side of the packaging, you can make a perfect size house for your little stamp people (see 4th and 5th picture).

* Measurement: 2.5x2.5x2.4cm (0.98"x0.98"x0.98")
* Brand: Little Stamp People
* Made in Japan

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