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Limited Edition Washi Tape Cutter (for 2cm to 2.5cm)

by Kokuyo
Sold out

These are the limited edition "Natural Garden design series" KOKUYO Karu Cut washi tape cutter.  As the name "Karu Cut" coming from Japanese meaning "Easy Tearing" tells, you can cut your washi tape very easily with this clip-type washi tape cutter; just clip it to your washi tape and cut it without using scissors.  The edge is neat.  Please see the 4th picture for more information on how it works.

This cutter is for a washi tape of 2cm to 2.5cm width (0.7" to 1").  Please choose the design from Flower Garden (yellow) or After the Rain (blue).

* Size: 4.8cm x 2cm (1.5" x 0.7")
* For tape width between 2cm and 2.5cm (0.7" to 1")
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