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Limited Edition Midori Asano Tenugui

by Maruman

This is a limited Anniversary edition tenugui or hand towel of Maruman Co. Ltd. in collaboration with a Japanese artist Midori Asano.  This is cotton 100%.

手拭い (tenugui) literally means wipe a hand, and it is a thin Japanese hand towel which is typically in the size of 35cm by 90cm.  Besides using as a towel, it is used as a dishcloth, headbands, wrapping bottles etc.  The cloth texture is similar to bandana.

Maruman Co. Ltd. was established in 1920 by the founder Koichi Iguchi whose dream was to produce a sketch notebook for children where they can draw their dreams.  Maruman's one of the most popular notebook is 図案 (Zuan) who just celebrated their 60th Anniversary this year, and this product is their anniversary products.

* Please see the 4th picture for detailed size
* Made in Japan
* Vendor: Maruman Co. Ltd.
* Limited Edition / Limited Quantity