Limited Edition SARASA Select Pen Set - Toy Story

Limited Edition SARASA Select Pen Set - Toy Story

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This is a limited edition ZEBRA x Toy Story collaboration SARASA Select pen set which comes with Toy Story limited edition SARASA Select pen body which holds 3 ink refills, 3 ink refills (gold, shiny green & shiny pink) and neon yellow limited edition SARASA Clip.  This neon yellow SARASA Clip pen is available only in this set. 

When using, please twist the bottom part of the pen to open the body, and push a refill ink to the hold inside until it clicks.  Close the bottom part after inserting all the refill inks.  If you wish us to insert inks for you when shipping, please leave us a not at the time of check out.  We will have them all set up in the body for you.

* Set: 1 pen body, 3 refill inks & 1 Sarasa Clip
* ZEBRA x Toy Story collaboration
* Very Limited Edition / No Restock

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