Limited Edition "Fragrance" SARASA CLIP Pen - Snoopy

Limited Edition "Fragrance" SARASA CLIP Pen - Snoopy

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This is a limited edition ZEBRA x Snoopy collaboration SARASA clip gel ink ball-point pen with ZEBRA's high quality water-based pigment gel ink which writes very smooth in crisp lines.  The ink is water-resistant and has lightfastness.  The pen has a functional clip and a rubber grip for comfortable writing.

These inks come with special features of "fragrance".  When you write, you smell fragrance (each color has different fragrance).  It is not a strong fragrance at and it will die after sometime, but it makes your writing time extra fun.  We were testing these pens to check each fragrance, and they made us so hungry!

Available in 7 colors with 8 fragrance: Black (Chocolate), Black (Tea), Blue (Chocolate Mint), Red (Strawberry), Green (Green Apple), Yellow (Lemon), Pink (Peach) and Orange (Orange).

* Ink: water-based pigment gel ink
* Pen Width: 0.5mm
* Colors: 7 different colors
* Limited Edition / No Restock
* More Writing Tools HERE

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