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Letterpress Mini Pochibukuro - Bell


This is a beautiful letterpress mini pochibukuro or mini envelope of bell design great for storage of small things such as postage stamps, paper clips, flake stickers.  Each envelope comes with matching mini sheet where you can write a short message, so it is great to put a small gift or share something like flake stickers with friends.

In Japan, the sound of a bell is sound of happiness.  This design is to wish for a bell of happiness to rind in someone's life.

This is from "心包み (kokoro zutsumi meaning "wrap heart")" series by a Japanese paper company Furukawa Paper established in 1835.  Their motto is to produce stationery that adds little happiness to your life and to help you send a little happiness to someone you care.  Each pochibukuro from this series is printed with Japanese traditional auspicious designs, so it is also fun to choose the design from the meaning.

"Pochibukuro" is originally used to put money in when gifting especially to children for the New Year's Day or when tipping for special occasions.  They are also great for small gift or storage for little things.  We always put postage stamps, paper clips, flake stickers etc in our favorite pochibukuro and put them inside our planners.

* 5cm x 10cm (1.96”x3.93")
* Made with washi paper
* Brand: Furukawa Paper

* Made in Japan

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