Letterpress 3 Patterns Label Book - Noble

Letterpress 3 Patterns Label Book - Noble

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This is a beautiful letterpress label books with simple frame design by a Japanese company Oeda Letterpress, a team of 2 talented designers.  The designs are gently letter-pressed at their studio in Osaka.

The memo pad comes with 25 sheets of 2 different colors, in total 50 sheets.  Each sheet consists of 3 frame designs that can be perforated into square sheets of 4.5cm x 4.5cm (1.7" x 1.7").  Available in (1) bronze & black, (2) silver & black, or (3) sampler set of all 4 colors (5 sheets each).

* Size: 4.5cm x 15cm per sheet
* Content: 50 sheets (25 sheets per color)
* Made in Japan

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