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Kyupodo Imagination Collection Notebook - Brown

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This is a notebook named "Imagination Collection Notebook" by Kyupodo known for their unique and cute letter-press products and paper items.  You can use this notebook for normal use of course, but this notebook is originally designed for you to collect your little imagination.  It will be a fun gift for children to write their story in this notebook, or you may use this as dream collection notebook.  At the top corner of each papge, ther is a space where you can write a date of "collection."

The size of the notebook is a little smaller than A5.  The paper used for this notebook is L Writing Paper by LIFE Stationery known for their high quality paper products, and it offers a smooth writing experience.

* Measurement: 20.4cm x 14.8cm (8.31" x 5.82")
* Quantity: 64pages
* Design: Kyupodo
* Vendor: LIFE Stationery
* Limited Quantity

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