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Rubber Stamp - Falling Alice

by Krimgen

This is a beautiful rubber stamp of falling Alice motif designed by a Japanese illustrator Krimgen great for decorating your planner and journal, gift wrapping, mail decoration and lots more!

* Measurement: 2cm x 3cm x H2.2cm (0.7"x1.2"x0.8")
* Illustrator: Krimgen
* Made in Japan
* Approx. Restock Time: 1 - 2 months

**A little more about Krimgen**
We got a chance to meet Krimgen at her exhibition in Tokyo in December 2018, and we really loved her beautiful art work and fell in love with her original stationery especially rubber stamps (she probably heard us sisters saying "kawaii (meaning adorable in Japanese)" hundred times!).  She currently lives in Austria, but once a year she does exhibition for about one week in Tokyo, and we were lucky that we could manage to visit her there!

Few days later, she visited our physical shop in Tokyo, and we could get to know her in person and learned more about her art, where her inspirations come from, her love for her illustrations and original products.  She said her inspirations come from antique/vintage things such as jewelries, potteries and textiles.  Because she currently lives in Europe, she enjoys these things over there and get inspirations from them.  She especially enjoys children/baby design. We are sure you will love and enjoy her beautiful stationery like we do very much!