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Kotori Koreage-ru Paper Bag - Blue Wide

by Kotori

This "koreage-ru" series is one of the most beloved Kotori original items where the owner puts lots of humor in imitating a real pharmacy paper bag.  In front, it says "koreaage-ru wide (コレアゲールワイド)" with "itsumo arigatosan (イツモアリガト酸)" which come from Japanese "kore ageru (Here you are)" and "itsumo arigatosan (Thank you always)".  Many names of medicine end with the sound of "-ru" or "-san" in Japanese, so at the first glance, the bag looks like a real pharmacy paper bag in Japan.  Available from one.

* Postcard Size
* Quantity: one envelope

* Brand: Kotori Original
* Made in Japan

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