Pharmacy Paper Bag - White x Red

Pharmacy Paper Bag - White x Red

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This is a set of 3 paper bag imitating a real pharmacy paper bag.  The creator of this paper bag, the owner of a cute little stationery shop in Kamakura Japan,  puts lots of humor in this paper bag series.

In front, it says "koreaage-ru (コレアゲール)" with "itsumo arigatou (イツモアリガ糖)" which comes from Japanese "kore ageru (Here you are)" and "itsumo arigatou (Thank you always)".  Many names of medicine end with the sound of "-ru" or "-tou" in Japanese, so at the first glance, the bag looks like a real pharmacy paper bag in Japan.

* Size: 9.8cm x 13.5cm (3.8" x 5.3")
* Quantity: 3 envelopes

* Brand: Kotori Original
* Made in Japan

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