Kotori Koreage-ru Paper Bag - Kraft

by Kotori

We are so honored to be the first retailer of a lovely stationery & zakka shop Kotori (meaning little bird) for international customers!  Kotori is a lovely little stationery & zakka shop in a beautiful historical city Kamakura, one hour train ride from Tokyo.  We are big fans of this cute little shop full of cute retro feeling stationery and zakka goodies including their original items and so excited to introduce their beautiful items to you!

This "koreage-ru" series is one of the most beloved Kotori original items where the owner puts lots of humor in imitating a real pharmacy paper bag.  In front, it says "koreaage-ru (コレアゲール)" with "itsumo arigatou (イツモアリガ糖)" which come from Japanese "kore ageru (Here you are)" and "itsumo arigatou (Thank you always)".  Many names of medicine end with the sound of "-ru" or "-tou" in Japanese, so at the first glance, the bag looks like a real pharmacy paper bag!

This "koreage-ru" paper bag series are made for small gift wrapping with some giggle.  Normally medical instruction and precaution about the medicine inside are printed on the bag, but they are replaced with humors which are:

Due to effect of "itsumo arigatou", you might become too humble.  Though it is a temporary symptoms, please be careful from bowing too much". 
- Please keep the zipper closed in order to keep the quality of "itsumo arigatou" though there is not zipper attached.
- If you follow the instruction correctly, your heart will stay clear and refreshed.
- Consult Kotori in Kamakura as soon as you notice the "stationeryholic" symptoms after taking "koreage-ru".

* 9.8cmx13.5cm (3.85"x5.31")
* Brand: Kotori Original
* Made in Japan

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