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Junichi Nakahara x Kumpel Notebook - Pink

by Kumpel
Sold out

This is a beautiful notebook of Junichi Nakaraha x Kumpel collaboration.  The notebook has 50 sheets (100 pages) in grid, and a beautiful design by Junichi Nakahara is printed on the front cover.

Kumpel is a quite new stationery brand established in 2017 by Yamaguchi Securities Printing Inc established in 1921 as a printing company to print tickets.  They have been printing tickets for many train and bus companies such as Japan Railway Company and Tokyo Metro, but due to the degitalization of train tickets from paper tickets to pre-paid IC card, needs for paper tickets decreasing.  Therefore, they decided to challenge themselves in a new industry which is stationery.

What makes their notebook unique is that the front and back cover is produced with the same material by using the same technique to produce a 硬券 (kouken), a old train ticket printed on a thick paper.  Also same as a train ticket each printed with a serial number, this notebook is printed with a serial number, each different, at the right top corner of the front cover.  There is no same serial number, so enjoy the only one notebook just for you.

Junichi Nakahara, Japanese graphic artist and fashion designer is known for the founder of women's magazine Soreiyu (Soleil) in 1946. He encouraged women to enjoy their life and offered a path to happy life. His art work is still very popular, and his message continues to appeal to people today.

* Size: 18.2 x 12.8cm
* Made in Japan
* Illustrator: Junichi Nakahara
* Vendor: Yamaguchi Securities Printing Inc
* Approx. Restock Time: 1 week