Ichimatsu Washi Tape

by Showa Grimm

This ichimatsu pattern washi tape is from Chiyogami washi tape series great for your craft project and embellishment.  Chiyogami comes from Japanese word chiyo (thousand generation) and gami (paper), and it is a washi paper with bright colors and Japanese traditional patterns.  There are 16 different Japanese traditional patterns washi tapes in this series all of them are also popular patterns for kimono, Japanese traditional costume.  This tape will add a lovely accent to your craft project and embellishment!

Ichimatsu pattern or checkered pattern is a very popular pattern in Japan, and an emblem of Tokyo Olympic 2020 is designed with ichimatsu pattern.  The name Ichimatsu was given to this pattern in 18th century when a popular Kabuki actor Sanogawa Ichimatsu played a Kabuki wearing a checkered pattern kimono.

* 2cm x 5m (0.78"x5.46")
* Made in Japan


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