Slim Notebook - Hyacinthus

Slim Notebook - Hyacinthus

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This is a grid notebook with front and back page designed by a Japanese eraser stamp artist HUTTE.  HUTTE is known for its beautiful botanical motif design eraser artist, and these designs were made in a way that she engraved the beautiful and detailed designs on erasers and those stamped images were used for these designs.  By the way, this design, hyacinthus is very popular in Japan for elementary school children for their science observation project.

The high quality paper is used for this notebook.  It is bound using stitched binding method.  The paper is creamy color white (not bright white) with 5mm x 5mm grids, and it is very smooth.

* Size: 11cm x 21cm (4.33in x 8.25in)
* Pages: 34 sheets (64 pages)
* Design: HUTTE.
* Made in Japan
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