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Glue Tape - Dot liner Mini Star

by Kokuyo
Sold out

This is a mini heart dot liner glue tape.  As its name says, all the dot liners have dots on glue tape which make it easier to cut the tape when lifting it away from the paper, but what is cute about this one is that instead of dots the star shaped dots are on the glue tape.  The glue tape is in yellow with star shaped dots.  This one is smaller than the regular dot liner, so it will be good in your pen case. 

Unlike liquid glues and glue sticks that make paper uneven after drying, glue tape keeps your project neat and clean.

**How to Use**
1. Slide the cap.
2. Apply glue tape (adhesive side) to paper and pull to be the desired length.
3. Lift it away from the paper.

* Tape Length: 10m (11 yards)
* Tape Width: 7mm (0.27 inch)
* Size: 5.6cm x 1.5cm x 3cm (2.2" x 0.6" x 1.1")
* Disposable
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