GENRO Stickers - Nightingale


We are so honored and excited to introduce beautiful stickers from GENRO established in 1987 by Mr. Koji Chiba, a seal engraving artist.  This is a sheet with beautiful stickers of nightingale from GENRO's "In no shiki (印の四季)" or Seals of Four Seasons great for decorating your planner, journal, gift wrapping and letters. 

In no shiki (印の四季) series is as popular as their Shiki no in (四季の印) rubber stamp series which is also available in our shop.  Same as Shini no in, these stickers use
 motif of something that presents a season.  Mr. Chiba is the designer of GENRO products, but he is also known as a Japanese Haiku poet, a type of poetry that can be written on themes from love to nature with only 3 lines and 17 syllables.

In Haiku, normally "kigo (季語)" or a word that express a season is used to indirectly tell the season of the haiku.  For example, one of the most famous haiku is "The old pond, A frog jumping in, The sound of the water" by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694), and the kigo here is "a frog" which tells it is a spring.

As a specialist of words as a haiku poet, Mr. Chiba selects a motif for his design and hand engraves it to make a stamp, and the stamped image is used for these stickers.  He says, I wish your life remembered through our stamp's little seal impression to be beautiful.

This month's our printed Newsletter Vol.9 features a travel story to GENRO by Momolovespaper, so we hope you will enjoy her exciting visit to GENRO stationery shop and genro cafe next to the stationery shop. :)

* Sheet Size: W9.5cm x H15cm (3.75"x5.9”)
* Quantity: 12 stickers

* Made in Japan

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