Flowers Washi Tape, Tsutsumu

by Tsutsumu

Colorful foiled washi tape from Tsutsumu for your craft project and embellishment!  The gold part of the tape is foiled and shines in the reflection of light.  As its name Tsutsumu or "to wrap" shows, Tsutsumu produces fun and colorful items that makes the wrapping time fun.  At their shops Tsutsumu Factory, you will find everything you would need for gift wrapping - not only wrapping items but also lots of stationery and zakka items that you want to wrap for gift.  This colorful foiled washi tape is Tsutsumu's newest original washi tapes for fun and colorful crafting time.

* 1.5cm x 5m (0.6 inch x 5.4 yards)
* Made in Japan

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